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Family sex stories

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Family sex stories
appreciation: a deep and abiding love of family stories told around kitchen tables and campfires, at bedsides and on wedding days.

But all too often, a loved one passes, and untold stories go unheard.

Alok Deshpande 99C with co-founder Felix.

Alok Deshpande 99C, founder of, umenta, is on a mission to preserve legacies.

In 2011, Deshpande reached a personal crossroads.

"My grandfather passed away at 96 years old  Deshpande says.

 "He had a wonderful life, but our family quickly realized just how much we didn't know.

Many of his stories were lost with him.".

Deshpande surveyed peers and found he was not alone. .

"Everyone I spoke to had faced a similar experience Deshpande recalls.

"There was no good technology or service to help people capture and preserve family stories."  Fueled by a decade of consulting experience with Bain and lessons from previous start-ups, Deshpande set out to solve this problem. .

He and his co-founder, Felix Hu (Georgia Tech '07) started developing a platform and complementary services that would make it easy for families to preserve their legacy. .

"We were on a mission to help families capture stories in a way that resonates with younger generations. .

The concept was really about using technology to connect generations and pass down values through stories.".

Capturing the Memories "Every family has amazing stories. .

It could be accumulating wealth, immigration, war experiences, civil rights - the list goes on Deshpande says.

"When you start to capture these from the people who lived it, younger generations in the family develop a newfound appreciation for who they are and how they are part of a greater whole.".

Using the Atlanta Tech Village as a base of operations, Deshpande hired a diverse team to preserve family legacies.

More than simple genealogy, Umenta strives to capture individual voice recordings and photographs to bring stories to life.

 "We're always thinking about how younger generations consume content. .

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