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Hd pornstarz

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Hd pornstarz
kind of hot nasty babes lurk within.

So looking at the menu at the top we have Home, Pornstar List, Categories and Tags along with a search box.

I just randomly clicked on a video of two hot babes fucking and was pleasantly surprised that the video player was quite large!

Really great quality too.

When I clicked play there was a popup, but when I got it to go away I was able to click play again and it worked, when I clicked to move ahead in the action.

The video opened in a new tab which is nice, especially since there was a big blue button on the top left to download.

I clicked it and got a popup, so had to click again and it immediately began downloading and it actually came down very quickly.

I tried another movie and the same process.

The site works well.

Menu and Features of HDPornStarz, so checking out the Pornstar List on this site, when you click it the pornstars load as thumbnails with the name of each girl under.

Now, unfortunately there is no A to Z list at the top or anywhere so there are just pages and pages of porn stars going all the way up to page.

I guess the good news about that means there are a lot of pornstars!

But not having the alphabetical list just makes it a tad more hard to find our favorite girls.

So looking for Lucie Wild I had to try to click somewhere in the middle, like page.

When you look at the thumbnails of her scenes it shows you how many times they were viewed and there is a percent of thumbs up showing.

I clicked on the scene that I wanted to watch first and yes on the bottom under the video you can vote thumbs up or down there is also a good paragraph describing the scene along.

Under that are tags that fit each scene.

There is also a share button to share on social media.

Which I would not do, lol.

And a great feature is under it there are videos under the sub-heading Related Videos.

Categories Search and best of HDPornStarz.

When you click Categories in the menu it brings up 45 different thumbnails with the text under them.

It takes two pages to fit them all.

Clicking on a category loads up all of the movies that they have inside.

I clicked on Gang bangs, it has two pages.

Clicking on a category that should have more, I tried Big Ass and of course there are 68 pages of movies.

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Lots of potential reasons, I think.

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