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style brings back memories of the weird mysteries which Howard was noted for.

Berglund, Preface to the Revised Edition.

Disciples of Cthulhu (2nd Rev.

Ed.) vi, in the Spring of 1933, Robert.

Howard got himself a new agent.

Otis Adelbert Kline was a pulp writer himself, and had been a reader for.

Weird Tales in the early days, ghost-editing a single issue to bridge the gap between the outgoing Edwin Baird and the incoming Farnsworth Wright.

Klines agency handle the promotion and collection of Howards work, freeing the Texas pulpster to simply write, and the agent encouraged Howard to splash new marketsto spread his literary wings and try his hands at not just weird fiction but spicy stories and detective fiction.

It was the great period of hardboiled detective fiction, which would become so married to film noir; the pulp magazine.

Black Mask thrilled to Dashiell Hammetts Continental Op and Sam Spade, Raymond Chandlers John Dalmas.

Yet it was also the era of Sax Rohmers Fu Manchu novels.

Yellow Peril literature was still going strong in the interwar period;.

Lovecraft and Robert.

Howard exchanged letters discussing the danger threatened by Imperial Japan, on the rise since their victories in the Russo-Japanese War and the Great War, and worried over the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931, and the looming probability.

This was the background against which Howard created Steve Harrison, star of nine weird detective stories, four of which sold and were published in magazines like.

Strange Detective Stories, Super-Detective Stories, and, thrilling Mystery between 19Harrisons beat was normally the local Chinatown, and the plots tend to be more oriented toward action than detection.

Racism and racial conflict are part and parcel for the stories; Robert.

Howard, who had written quite a bit for.

Oriental Stories, obviously never heard, robert Knoxs rule that No Chinaman must figure in the story.

Three unsolved murders in a week are not so unusualfor River Street, grunted Steve Harrison, shifting his muscular bulk restlessly in his chair.

Its your business to solve murders, she said.

Give me a little time.

You cant rush things, when youre dealing with the people of the Oriental quarter.

You have less time than you think, she answered cryptically.

Do you remember Erlik Khan?

Involuntarily his hand sought his face, where a thin-scar ran from temple to jaw-rim.

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