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with a streamlined API making your development and application faster.

While.0 contains a number of breaking changes we have prepared an exhaustive migration guide covering all the deprecated and removed features as well as highlighting the shiny new features.

Learn more, business Solutions.

CakeDC, the commercial entity behind the CakePHP framework, was established by Larry Masters, the founder of CakePHP.

CakeDC offers CakePHP development, consultancy, CakePHP training and code review Services.

From startups and social networks, to e-commerce and enterprise level applications, CakeDC provides the highest quality CakePHP development available.

Chat to the top CakePHP developers.

A recipe to succeed.

Prototype faster, Validate faster, Grow consistently.

Build Quickly, use code generation and scaffolding features to rapidly build prototypes.

No Configuration, no complicated XML or yaml files.

Just setup your database and you're ready to bake.

Friendly License, cakePHP is licensed under the MIT license which makes it perfect for use.

Batteries Included, the things you need are built-in.

Translations, database access, caching, validation, authentication, and much more are all built into one of the original PHP MVC frameworks.

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