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activities" they are negatively branded tom boys; I am hoping.

People person; Genetic/Social - Why are women en viewed as more interested in people and men more interested in things?

I don't know, but that may be a factor - women are supposed to spend time planning parties, talking on the phone and such, and men are more about activities like video games and sports - could.

I have heard that theorized; And math is engineering.

I think it's just a whole slew of sociliization things, and possibly genetics (because historically, if you believe anthropologists, men and women have had quite different roles, which may have led to differing apptitudes.

If you havent heard who Angelina Jolie is, youve probably lived under a rock for past couple decades (no offense if you did).

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She was only a 15 year old at that time, but the photographer didnt know that.

He was told she was.

Normally before I begin a new session I find out more about the background of a new client.


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