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It seems that some people liked so I thought I add a bit of history.

The name of my first wife was Daphne and I often hear their names mixed.

Daphne and I were married in August and how things were in those days, we started to rent two rooms with kitchen and bathroom.

The only thing that goes directly affected Daphne came a few days before Christmas this year, that is, wetmummy four months later we married.

Daphne worked as a secretary to a manager in an office, where a dozen people were working, always a party for staff just before Christmas.

This time I wetmummy got wetmummy home before and when Daphne has arrived an hour later when it was obvious he was under the influence.

Now normally, it was very quiet, and although we had sex at least twice a day, they rarely initiated.

However, when he kissed wetmummy me passionately and Imade a comment about their consumption.

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