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Mom and son bf

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Mom and son bf
told to toughen their nipples descriptions of which were enough to make even the most breastfeeding inclined mom shiver and reach for a bottle.

Scientific research has shown, to our relief, that no toughening is needed.

But there is still a lot to do in order to prepare.

Before Delivery, nothing BUT THE mama: Specify on your birth plan that no artificial nipples, pacifiers, sugar water or formula be given to your baby unless medically indicated, prescribed by your pediatrician and approved by you.

(If supplemental feedings are needed they can be given via oral syringe.) Make a sign for your babys hospital bassinet that says I areastfed baby no artificial nipples, formula or pacifiers please!

I made mine with a bunch of breastfeeding related cartoons so the nurses got a laugh out of reading the sign, too.

Keeping everything except your nipple away from babys mouth will help prevent nipple confusion.

Natural woman: Babies born via unmedicated labor often breastfeed more easily than those born via medicated labors medicated labors arent a problem for all women and babies, but you improve your odds for successful breastfeeding if you can reduce or limit interventions during labor.

IVs during labor can also cause or increase engorgement, so are best avoided if possible even if you cant avoid using them completely, try to limit the amount of fluid used.

Moms whose births include more interventions have lower rates of breastfeeding but there are plenty of exceptions!

An excellent resource for information on childbirth.

The Thinking Womans Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer.

Support your breasts: Educate yourself about breastfeeding and have a support network ready to answer questions and support you in breastfeeding.

Check out a LLL meeting if you get a chance!

La Leche League welcomes pregnant mothers at their meetings.

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