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from the horizon straight into the sky like the Northern Lights, casting a red glow across the sand and warm Gulf water.

Allens Grandfather Bill, as tall as an oil rig, stood high above the tree line in his overalls holding a crusty paint brush like an Olympic torch spreading a long white arc from east to west.

In a booming, Moses-like baritone he announced, Im a Sherwin Williams man, wont use nothin else!

He collapsed backwards like a cardboard cut out, the sky dripped a gooey mixture of pink and white and Allen woke.

He was stuck to the plastic lawn chair and soaked with sweat.

It was shady a half hour ago but now the sun slammed down on Allens repo yard with a vengeance.

The Missouri summer of 1985 promised to be memorable.

Despite the sweat and heat, he was glad that the vivid dream stopped where it did.

Before it got ugly and terrifying.

Before his dead Grandmothers face came rushing toward him shrieking like a banshee.

It was the dream that had left him shaking in his bedclothes late at night for years.

His big Rottweilers, Jack and Jill, shot out from under the trailer as the tow truck rolled into the lot with a Mercury Montego hooked.

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