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Taboo in family

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Taboo in family
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Ver assinaturas 4k00:22Worried man taking and gently stroking hand of his sick mother showing care or love.

Son comforting wrinkled arm of elderly mom lying at bed.

Guy giving support to his old parent.

Side view Close up 4k00:25Moving to new apartment of young couple in love.

Happy couple stroking dog.

Cheerful playful dog licking the owners.

Hd00:29Young Couple Sleeping in Bed hd00:10Girl affectionately playing with pet dog on the floor casually 4k00:19Pregnant woman stroking her stomach while sitting on the sand on the sea.

The young expecting mother holding baby in pregnant belly.

Maternity prenatal care and woman pregnancy concept.

Hd00:18Standing at the window, a woman holding a picture in a frame, looking at her and stroking his hand.

4k00:08Caring young parent mom supporting tired upset teen school child daughter having difficulty with education learning at home.

Mum comforting sad teenage girl encouraging helping with studies concept.

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