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Family stroke s

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Family stroke s
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April 24, 2003 - It has long been believed that genes influence stroke risk, and now a large study from the.K.

Offers some of the best evidence yet that this.

Stroke patients in the study who were 65 or younger were almost three times as likely as non- stroke patients to have a parent or sibling who had an early stroke or heart attack.

The association between family history and stroke risk was stronger in this study than in previous ones because the researchers examined different stroke subtypes instead of lumping them all together.

Strokes caused by large vessel disease - in which the carotid arteries in the neck become blocked - and small vessel disease - in which the blockages occur in the vessels within the brain - appeared to be strongly influenced by genetic predisposition.

The familial association was less clear, however, for other types of stroke.

"Stroke is a complex disease, which is likely caused by a mixture of genetic and environmental risk factors lead researcher Paula Jerrard-Dunne, mrcpi, tells WebMD.

"By focusing genetic research on these high-risk stroke groups, we may be able to improve our chances of identifying the genes that create stroke risk.".

Approximately 80 of strokes are caused by blood clots that obstruct the blood vessel supplying blood to the brain.

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