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Porngames online
is wreaking havoc on gamers all over the globe.

The ransomware sends the device owner a text claiming that their image is being used on a sex simulator game.

The text messages derive from both friends and family.

Yep, that awkward moment when grandma appears to have found your mug on a sex simulator game.

That would compel just about anyone to take action, right?

Moreover, once the malware takes hold of the Android device, it leverages that contact list to send out similar text messages from that persons device.

According to Forbes, a malware researcher at cybersecurity vendor eset, Lukas Stefanko, discovered the brazen malware issue.

Most of the attacks have leveraged mobile porn games as their conduit to spreading.

And thats a big problem for Android users.

The, android porn game sector is growing by leaps and bounds.

This is something the creators of the malware likely understand well.

Its unlikely that such threats will slow down the fun, but it is something that porn gamers need to consider.

Making things worse, the malware utilizes built-in Android language settings.

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